The Best Kept Secret in Magic
  • B'Wave - Phil Goldstein

An Ultra-Simple Approach To The Packet Brainwave Effect with No Sleights and No Rough & Smooth!

          The magician puts a packet of cards on the table. He says to the spectator, “Let’s play a game of imagination. Imagine that these are the four Queens.” He pantomimes plucking a card with each hand from the packet. “Imagine that I have removed two of the Queens. Do you think they are the black ones or the red ones?” The spectator says, for example, red. “That’s amazing – you’re correct!” says the magician. “Now, I will turn one of these Queens face up.”

    He pantomimes turning one card over, then putting the imaginary card back into the packet. He then says, “Which red Queen do you think I turned over, the heart or the diamond?” The spectator says, for example, diamond. “That’s amazing – you’re correct again!” says the magician. “Of course, if it’s really true, then the Queen of Diamonds must be reversed in the packet. Let’s see…” He spreads the cards. One card is face up. It is the Queen of Diamonds!

     And there's MORE! “I want to be sure you understand that this magic was accomplished by imagination, not by sleight-of-hand. Therefore, I used a Queen of Diamonds with a different back.” He turns over the Queen of Diamonds, showing that it has a contrasting back color!

     And there's STILL MORE! “Also, because I knew you would pick the Queen of Diamonds, it was not necessary to use any printing on the faces of the other cards.” He turns over the three face-down cards, revealing that their faces are blank!

      Folks, this one is a STUNNER.  No doubt abut it, B'Wave is Max Maven's (Phil Goldstein) most popular trick ever. The cards do 98% of the work for you...all you need to do is remember the presentation!

      Comes complete with special cards and instructions.  Most dealers sell this for $12.00. Buy one today for only...


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B'Wave - Phil Goldstein

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