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  • Close-Up Case / Stage

          This is a wonderful combination close-up case and performance “stage” in miniature.  Like a good close-up pad, this case will bring focus onto your close-up work and give you an elegant “stage” on which to perform.  Unlike the usual close-up pad, however, people will not be as quick to place a drink on this “stage”.

          The performance surface of the case is a rich, deep-pile velvet. It makes handling coins and cards as smooth as possible.  Once you’ve started working with this surface, you’ll never want to go back to a firm close-up pad!


          The drawer features nine separate compartments for your close-up props.

          A handle on the end of the case provides a convenient way to carry it.



          This is not just a case/performance surface combination: Several devious ideas have been incorporated into it to enable your magic to scale to greater heights.


 #1 - PK Magnet.  Included with the case is a top quality PK magnet.  It is an N52 (the highest/strongest rating available) Neodymium Permanent Rare Earth Magnet.  It may be placed in any of the interior compartments and used for any number of PK effects.  Make a match rise on a spectator’s hand - make a coin stand on end - make a flashlight light without touching the switch - even cause the hands on a watch to stop!  If you’re unfamiliar with the field of PK magic, do yourself a favor and do some research...this magnet is the very best of its kind and is included FREE with the case.


 #2 - Holdout magnets.  There are two additional magnets mounted in the interior of the case, beneath the drawer.  If you pull out the drawer and remove it from the case, you will see the round magnets down near the opening.  These are weaker than the PK magnet and are used for holding out shimmed cards, etc., beneath the case.


#3 - Secret access.  There is a small access hole in the top surface of the case, covered by the velvet.  You may also use this hole for several purposes, including the Finn Jon “Spooky Nut” effect.


           Included with the case is a set of instructions, the powerful N52 Neodymium PK magnet, and a set of self-adhesive rubber “feet”.   When closed, the case measures approximately 16-1/2” side to side, 13” front to back and 2” deep.

          This professional case/close-up stage will provide you with years of elegance in your close-up performances...

          PLEASE NOTE - This case is subject to additional shipping charges due to its size. Depending upon where you live, the shipping may be as much as $20.00 in addition to the usual flat rate postage.  Please contact me BEFORE ordering to determine the most economical shipping method.  THANK YOU!  

          Suggested retail is $129.95.  Buy one today for only...



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Close-Up Case / Stage

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