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  • Let There Be Light!

        I'm truly excited about this BLOCKBUSTER effect! I always liked the Scotty York/Ken Brooke lightbulb trick, but it had its issues. Then, when Tenyo came out with their version ("Ghost Lamp"), I thought it fixed everything. I enjoyed performing it and demo'ing it at conventions. But still...something was missing...I just couldn't put my finger on it! Now, this latest incarnation of the bulb comes out.....and I realize what was missing all along!

        In previous versions, you needed a way to “trigger” the light on and off. And quite often, the gimmick used (in both versions) was “finicky”. You had to place it at just the right place and cross your fingers! NO MORE! This new version is 100% SURE-FIRE....and you don't have to bring anything near the bulb! In fact, if you prefer, you may hand the bulb to the spectator at the beginning of the presentation for examination...then never touch it again (or even come near it!) until the effect is over!

        What can you do with it? Imagine a spectator selecting a card, then removing seven additional cards and mixing the eight together. You then instruct him to lay out the eight cards in two rows of four. You hand him the bulb – which may be thoroughly examined – and he is instructed to hold the bulb over each card momentarily. When the bulb is hold over one particular card, the bulb magically lights...while still in the spectator's hand! The card indicated is turned over and is seen to be the spectator's selection!

        That's just ONE way in which the bulb may be used. Spirit routines, location effects, lie detector presentations, etc. You're limited only by your own imagination! This is truly the dream version of this type of prop. The bulb is a REAL lightbulb. When lit, it features high brightness and real temperature. No worries when handing it out for's just a lightbulb! They'll find nothing! It is easy to charge. ( Now, we're all friends here....I don't think I'm “tipping” anything when I tell you that there's a remote control involved. This tiny remote is versatile and may be worn on your arm, belt, or ankle...your preference. )

        This one gets my HIGHEST recommendation. It's not cheap...but it's not much more than the Tenyo version (which uses a tiny plastic bulb that doesn't look like any other bulb anyone has ever seen!), and it's MUCH less expensive than the Scotty York version, if you can still find one! Comes with the very special REAL bulb, remote, charger and instructions, all in a special padded aluminum canister for safe transport. (Note - Remote battery not'll need to provide a Duracell 21/23 (12V) battery, available from drugstores, etc.)

        Availability is EXTREMELY limited!  Orders yours TODAY for only...


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Let There Be Light!

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