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  • Mental Match

        This is a truly classic mental effect, and audiences always think it's fabulous!  The effect is simple and straightforward:  A large lucite board is has ten ESP cards (five black and five green) positioned on it at random. All ten cards are removed, the board is turned facing away from the audience, and a spectator is given his choice of the black or green cards. He decides which he wants (NO force!) and shuffles them. The spectator is then allowed to tell the magician where he wants each card any of the five numbered positions.  The second stack of five cards is now shuffled and the spectator AGAIN tells the magician in which position he wants each card placed.

        With all ten cards in the places the spectator specified, the board is turned around to face the audience. The audience is STUNNED to see that there are five perfectly MATCHED pairs of ESP symbols!  A wonderful demonstration of mental magic!

        Mental Match is absolutely ideal for ALL audiences.  This is one of those "packs flat - plays BIG" props that magicians and mentalists love to use for their presentations. The entire outfit is very well made! Easy to see (the board measures 8" wide by 14-1/2" high" and is easily adapted for use with other types of cards for various presentations.

        Plays well for parlor or platform or even close up.  Easy to carry and easy to perform, yet will astonish all audiences.  Virtually self-working.  Includes lucite board and stand, ten ESP cards and detailed instruction DVD, plus flat carrying bag to protect everything.

        Our exclusive: I also include a lucite stand to hold the board upright before, during and after performance. NO one else offers this exclusive feature!

        Suggested retail is $49.95.  Own this one for only...


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Mental Match

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