The Best Kept Secret in Magic
  • Oh, Mummy! - Ken de Courcy


          Here's another classic effect from the now-defunct Supreme Magic in England. It's been re-made in the same quality and is a laugh riot for kids and adults alike!

          A die-cut "Mummy Case" (Sarcophagus) is shown. The striking artwork is beautifully silk-screened in bright, vivid colors. The "lid" of the sarcophagus is opened to reveal a picture of a Mummy, fully swathed in bandages. The lid is closed again, at which point the magician notices a small strip of cloth sticking out of a slot at the top of the lid. The performer pulls this white ribbon - the mummy's wrapping - from the slot and continues until he has produced many yards of "bandage".  When the lid of the sarcophagus is opened a final time, the "Mummy" is stark naked! Don't worry... he's a modest fellow and is covering himself... or maybe he's just cold!  Your audiences will HOWL with laughter!

          If you'd like, it's an easy matter to use the "bandages" you've produced as a cover to steal a large load from a table, servante, etc. You could even produce a rabbit, if you wish!

          The Mummy sarcophagus measures approximately is 15" high x 7" at its widest. The silk-screened colors are bright and vivid.  Packs completely flat, yet will play to the LARGEST audiences!

          A nice, BIG, colorful prop with a LOT of comedy potential. Includes self-contained sarcophagus and bandage ribbon plus complete instructions.  This is a LOT of prop for only...


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Oh, Mummy! - Ken de Courcy

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