The Best Kept Secret in Magic
  • Fruitfull - Juan Pablo

          Here's a top feature item just waiting to make its debut in YOUR act!

          A bill is borrowed from any audience member and signed for later identification. The bill vanishes from between the magician's hands. The audience member is then given a choice of any piece of fresh fruit in exchange for the vanished bill.  The spectator selects a piece of fruit - no force! - and the magician offers to cut it open to "prepare" it for him as an additional courtesy. As the magician cuts the fruit open, something comes into view.... it is a BILL!  The spectator himself (or herself!) takes the bill and unfolds is the signed bill!

          Another workable, practical and clever idea created by Juan Pablo. Ideal for comedy club workers and emcees, though it will play for virtually ANY audience!

          Points to remember -- No palming -- No bill switch -- Use any bill , borrowed and signed -- Only one bill is used -- No prepared fruit -- Use any fruit or vegetable or even bread! -- No reset; it is always ready to be performed!

          The late, great Pete Biro said of this outfit:  "I have always wanted to do a 'bill in something' but never cared for the setup and methods out there. This is really well worked out. No un-natural moves, everything is covered and as my old friend 'Buma' used to say, 'It's as easy to do as drinking water.' Props are really well made and worth the costs. DVD is easy to follow and I bet I could have fiddled with it for half an hour and put it right into a show. All that is needed, once you get the handling down, is to develop the timing and bits of business and any gags."

          Folks, this one is a WINNER!  It's ready to go right into your working repertoire!

          Includes special knife and  instructional DVD.

          This is in my "Used/Collectable" section, which means I have ONE only. When it sells, I do now know when or even IF I will ever have another.  If you're interested in this, please do not hesitate!

          Suggested retail price is $70.00.  This one is brand new and unused.... you may buy it for only:


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Fruitfull - Juan Pablo

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