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  • Coin Penetration Tube - Wooden

COIN PENETRATION TUBE -- Wooden.  Maker unknown.       

        Works like the classic "Coin Funnel" or Coin Penetration Tube.  Hand the two wooden pieces out for examination, then allow a spectator to lock a playing card between the two halves, completely separating one chamber from the other. There's NO way anything can pass through the card. Your spectators are sure of this. The magician then borrows four quarters from his skeptical spectators. One at a time, and with no sleight of hand at whatsoever, the borrowed coins penetrate the playing card!

        The moves are easy to do, and can be mastered in a matter of minutes. For a super finale', watch their jaws drop when you reveal a solid battery inside the wooden tube at the end of the trick!

        Everything is fully examinable both before and after the trick. Beautifully finished. Easy to do.

        Used, but in very fine condition.  No instructions, but if you're not familiar with the working, I can provide some guidance.

        As with most items in my "Used/Collectible" category, I have ONE ONLY.  If you're interested in this item, please don't hesitate!


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Coin Penetration Tube - Wooden

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