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  • Come-Back Card --  Eric Lewis

          This effect was originally created by British master magician and creator Eric Lewis around 1947. Later on, Eric's son Martin Lewis produced it (and performed it) until his untimely passing not long ago. It is a fine piece of comedy magic and may be performed close-up or in parlor/platform situations.  If you know of Martin Lewis at all, you no doubt know that all of the magic he performed was commercial and practical.
          Effect: A deck of cards is shown, and cut to bring the Five of Diamonds (for example) to the face. It is then put into a clear holder to prevent any possibility of sleight of hand. Now the Five of Diamonds is deliberately removed and pushed it into the deck leaving the Six of Spades (for example) showing. A handkerchief is flicked over the cards, and the Five of Diamonds jumps right back to the front! The Five of Diamonds is removed to show the Six of Spades is still there.    
          Following the classic "Six Card Repeat" plot, the effect is repeated a second and third time. Then, on the fourth try, a Joker makes an appearance. Finally, the Joker is put away and the Five of Diamonds jumps back for the last time. 

          This is an ideal routine for close-up, parlor, platform or cabaret performances. It will even play on smaller stages. Eric and Martin Lewis' "Come-Back Card" comes complete and ready to perform. No complicated resets, great visibility, and strong visual impact make this an ideal item for your show.

          This BRAND NEW outfit is ready to perform with the deck of cards, special holder, handkerchief, gimmick cards, and complete instructions.

        NOTE -- This is in my "Used/Collectible" Category, meaning I have ONE only... wjhen it sells, I don not know when or even IF I will have another.  If you're interested, please do not hesitate!

    A LOT of entertainment for only...


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Come-Back Card -- Eric Lewis

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