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  • Bill DeMar and Tom Ladshaw's Ventriloquial Script SourceBook


          Compiled and Edited by Tom Ladshaw

          It's been said that this is the BEST compilation script book ever written. Well, I wouldn't have the chutzpah to say that myself (at least not out loud!), but I will say that, without doubt, it's certainly the very first book of its kind! I'd had this crazy idea brewing in my fevered brain for some time...then I finally got up the nerve to approach my good friend and long-time professional vent, Bill DeMar, to discuss it. The essential idea of the project is that I would take some of the scripts Bill had used professionally for many years and Bill would take some my scripts. Then, each of us would review the other's material, adapting it and re-writing it in the way we would have used it. The result? This BIG book of 100% COMMERCIAL ventriloquial comedy material!

          You actually get BOTH versions of each script. Thus, you get not only the wonderful material, but by comparing them, you get a valuable lesson in how to adapt and re-work material to fit your own situation. When I designed the physical layout of the book, I did it in such a way that the scripts are side-by-side on facing pages. This way, it's easy to see how each of us adapted the other's material.

          There are twelve scripts presented in this unique "two-up" fashion, which is actually a total of 24 scripts. But I knew you wanted more! So... There are also NINE additional complete individual scripts. That brings the grand total to 33 scripts! And STILL...there's even MORE! Also included are a few of what I termed, "classic exchanges". These are short "bits" between well-known ventriloquists and their partners. You'll find these accompanied by wonderful vintage photos of the performers. There are also heckler stoppers (gotta have 'em!), some wonderful selected "short bits" and finally, interspersed throughout the book are some words of sage wisdom from "Uncle" Bill DeMar himself.

          Now remember: Many - if not MOST - script books available today contain out-dated material, or stuff so "corny" that you'd be lucky to find even ONE good joke or line in the whole book. I'm proud to say that "The Ventriloquial Script SourceBook" is FILLED TO THE BRIM with LOTS of extremely funny, commercial, up-to-date material. I know of one cruise ship vent who bought this book...worked up one of the routines in it...had his act filmed...then sent out this new video to a few of the "better" cruise lines. You guessed it...he got on with a much better line than the one he'd been working. Now...did this material get him a better job? Well, I can't say that for certain...but I CAN sure didn't HURT!

          This 8-1/2" x 11", 60pp comb bound book is one of the finest values in the vent community today. In fact, one of the scripts I contributed was written especially for me by a well-known New York comedy a cost of $300.00. If you had to pay comedy writer rates for all of the material in this BIG book, it'd likely cost more than your car! But... today's your lucky day! You can own this BIG compendium of professional comedy material for the paltry sum of only...


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Bill DeMar and Tom Ladshaw's Ventriloquial Script SourceBook

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