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  • Hop Ping Coins

        Here's another classic of coin magic, but "dressed up" with beautifully-manufactured Chinese coins! 

        The effect:  Two traditional Chinese coins are shown, one red and one black. One of the coins is dropped into your pocket, yet it instantly reappears back in your hand. The other coin is placed in your pocket and it, too hops back. This effect is repeated again and finally, when the poor spectator is about to give up trying to follow the coins, you open your hand and to his utter astonishment, BOTH coins have completely vanished!

        Yes, it's the classic "Hopping Halves" routine, but presented now with precision-machined Chinese "Dragon" coins that do ALL of the work for you! With this beautiful set of coins, the routine is simple to perform and when purchased as a set, represents a terrific value. The routine is easy to learn and even easier to perform!

        Outfit includes includes a complete set of  Chinese coins and all necessary gaffs, a Chinese playing card (I prefer to make the coins vanish from underneath a playing card, rather than from my closed fist) and easy-to-follow photo-illustrated instructions.

        This can be a FEATURE routine in your formal close-up show or in your table-hopping repertoire.

        Suggested retail price is $29.95.  Buy a set from me today for only...


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Hop Ping Coins

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