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September 30 - Happy Birthday to ME!  OK, my birthday was actually yesterday - the 29th - but I'm going to celebrate throughout this weekend.  YOU can, too!  Stay tuned for a special e-mail from Tom Ladshaw Magic tonight that will fill you in on special pricing available this weekend only! If you're not already on my mailing list, DON'T MISS OUT!  Simply go to the homepage and click on the red "JOIN NOW" button at the bottom right hand corner of the page. You won't get constant e-mails from me (never more than once a month) and I do not share my mailing list. It's free, and you can unsubscribe at any time... how can you lose? Happy birthday to me?  No.... Happy Birthday to ALL of us!!!

-- Tom

September 22 - Howdy, folks! Things continue to chug along here at Tom Ladshaw Magic! I'm still unpacking new magic every day!  I'm not always getting it listed on the site every day...but I'm doing my best! Much of the stuff I unpack has to be re-packaged, etc., so it takes a bit of time before I can list it. That said, I'm putting in time everyday and making sure the new stuff is posting.  Of course, fulfilling the actual customer orders take precedence, and I'm pleased to report that you're all keeping me busy! It looks as if I may have to kick things into overdrive for a bit to get caught up. Thankfully, the summer is almost over and with Fall quickly approaching, I'll be spending more time in the office working on the website.  STAY TUNED!  And, as always, THANK YOU for your continued support!

--  Tom

September 8 --Thanks for checking in on the Tom Ladshaw Magic website!  I'm still listing items items - used/collectable items - vent-related items. you never know when that item YOU'VE been looking for will show up! Be sure to check the "New Arrivals" listings in the MAGIC section, and the "Newest Listings" under the VENTRILOQUISM tab.  I've got literally BOXES of new magic to list on the site still... I'm going to try to gt caught up with a lot of it over the next week.  Keep checking back!

--  Tom

August 31 - I'm back! Thanks for all of the wonderful business over the past week.... orders have been shipping out daily and always within 24 hours.  Picking and packing orders has kept me busy, so I haven't been able to post as many new items as I'd like, but I'm going to attempt to put in that "overtime" and get more new items up on the site.  Keep checking back.... I just located a box of used magic with some very desirable goodies in it!

--  Tom

August 24  -  Hi folks!  Sorry it's been so long since I posted an update. Recovery from Covid has been slower than expected. I have felt perfectly fine, but the fatigue remained much longer than I expected it would.  I'm still only able to put in a couple of hours a day.  This week has been much better.... it seems I'm *finally* getting my strength back!  I've got a MAJOR backlog of new magic and many more vintage vent items to post on the site.  Please bear with me.  I'm going to try to start listing a few items each day now...  We'll see how that goes. I'm truly excited about some of the new magic items.  Be sure to keep checking back...there's some GREAT new stuff in the pipeline!

  --  Tom

August 5 - Hi folks.... Thanks to so many of you who contacted me and showed concern after my previous update.  Yes, it was Covid!  And I've tested negative consistently for more than a week now, but the fatigue remains! Still, I'm able to get into my office each morning for a while and get some work done...thankfully! I'm still catching up, and still have a LOT of new items (both magic AND vent!) to list, so I'm going to keep after it until everything is on the site!  Please continue to check back items appear pretty much daily!

  --  Tom

July 21 - Thanks for checking in! The annual Vent Haven Ventriloquists' ConVENTion ended this past Saturday night.  I had an absolutely fantastic time and I enjoyed seeing so many old friends and making new ones. One of the "hits" of the ConVENTion was the introduction and debut of Jeff Dunham's new "Peanut" ventriloquist doll. I had the immense privilege of selling the first 20 units available.  Needless to say, they sold out in less than 10 minutes!  I think Jeff has ANOTHER hit on his hands!

            Unfortunately, I picked up a bit of a bug at the event....I started feeling ill on Sunday and by Monday morning, had full-blown flu symptoms. I'm still not 100%, but orders are going out without delay (thanks to some wonderful behind-the-scenes helpers) and it's "business as usual" here at the World Headquarters of Tom Ladshaw Magic.

            There's a lot of new stuff in the pipeline...  Be sure to keep checking back. As soon as I'm fully recovered and can spend more than a few minutes at a time at this keyboard, I'll start listing LOTS of new "goodies"!

--  Tom

July 12 - Hi Folks!  Thanks for checking in!  Tomorrow - July 13 - the annual Vent Haven Ventriloquists' ConVENTion begins.  I'm attending, as usual, but I will be monitoring the website and orders WILL ship out as usual. If you see something you've just got to have, go on ahead and order it!  I'll make sure it gets out right away. 

           I've added a number of new items in the past week (in both the magic AND vent sections!) and I have two HUGE boxes here of new magic items to add to the site. I'll get to those the first of this next week, just as soon as the Vent ConVENTion is over.  Be sure to check back!  And, as always, THANK YOU for your continued business!

--  Tom

July 4 - Happy Fourth of July! I'm still continuing to add magic AND vent items on a daily basis.  In preparation for the upcoming ventriloquists' convention, I dug DEEP into some old boxes of photos from the late Col. Bill Boley's collection.  I came up with a number of photos that I hadn't listed previously, so I've put some of them here on the site. Keep checking back.... new stuff is going up constantly!

-- Tom

Jun 25 - I've sold out of the Cylinder and Coins Sets (with the Walking Liberty Halves) yet AGAIN!  And I have only TWO of the Midi Cups sets left in stock at the moment.  But MORE is ALREADY on the way! These two items are among my top sellers so far this year, with repeated sell-outs and continuous orders.  Of course, I have YOU to thank for that...and I DO sincerely appreciate it!

         I'm expecting a large shipment of stock during the first week of July...likely arrival is on the Fifth.  You can check back then (or thereabouts!) if you don't see what you're looking for now, or you can e-mail me right away to RESERVE one of these items.  Don't\ miss out...AGAIN!

--  Tom

June 20 - I'm still "in the groove"....adding new products on a daily basis. I've added dozens more vent items in the past week, plus a number of great magic items, too.  Also some excellent magic books... be sure to check out the "New Arrivals" category in the magic area, and the "Newest Listings" category in the Vent section!  And keep checking back.... I'm getting ready to add more right NOW!

-- Tom

June 16 - I'm continuing to add products daily!  I've just added some beautiful new and vintage silks (in the "Used/Collectible" category), plus I'm continuing to add more vintage vent ephemera. I recently acquired a nice copy of George Anderson's "Magic Digest" and am listing it, too.  I've always thought it's one of the finest magic "primer" books around.  You could learn the contents of that books and not only be a well-rounded magician, but build a career on it! 

          Stay tuned for LOTS more to come!

--  Tom

June 7 - I've now added a total of nearly ONE HUNDRED new items to the Ventriloquism section in just the past two weeks. New books, old books, vintage magazines, vintage toys, etc.  If you're at all interested in ventriloquism, be sure to check out the Ventriloquism section of the website.  To see the latest additions all at once, you can go directly to the "Newest Listings" section under the Ventriloquism tab on the toolbar.

          I've also been adding new magic items, too! Although most of these "new" items have actually been in the "Used/Collectable" category, including some items that have not been otherwise available in quite some time. You'll find some nice wallets and some other goodies that you're sure to like. I just received a shipment of new magic last night and I'll be adding more new items plus re-stocking some items that had been out of stock.  Keep checking back if you don't see what you're looking for.... or send me an e-mail and ask if you don't see what you're looking for!

--  Tom

June 1 - I added more than FIFTY new items to the ventriloquism section of the site over the past week, along with about a dozen new magic items. Also a couple of used/collectible items in the magic category. I'm now trying my best to add at least a couple of new items each day. There's still LOTS of new stuff coming, including several unique items... items you'll only find HERE and not from any other dealer.  It pays to keep checking back!

          I'm also working on a new newsletter...the first one in quite some time.  If you're not already on my e-mail list, be sure to go to the homepage of the site and click on the red "JOIN NOW" button at the extreme lower right hand corner.

          Thanks for your continued support...  I truly appreciate it!

--  Tom

May 24 - I've added a number of new items in the past week, as well as some really nice items in my "Used/Collectable" category. I'm currently right in the middle of scanning in the covers of nearly 30 vintage ventriloquism-related books and booklets, and hope to have all of those posted on the site within just the next day or two.  There's still LOTS of new stuff on the horizon, so be sure to keep checking back.

       Two of the hottest new sellers are the "Spirit Coin" (available in half dollar or Morgan dollar) and the incredible "Midi Cups".  Be sure to check them out!

--  Tom

May 16 - I'm finally in a "groove"!  I've gotten a LOT of new items listed on the site since this time last week.  Be sure to checkout the "New Arrivals" tab. I've got a fantastic original set of Ken Brooke Multiplying Martinis listed, as well as some other great stuff in my "Used/Collectable" category. I'm currently working on many, many new items and will keep listing new items daily.  It pays to check back often!

--  Tom

May 10 - I'm making some real progress on the boxes of magic to open and list! In the past week, I've listed some really cool new items!  There are lots more, but be sure to check out these favorites: Coin Pedestal, Hoffmann Jumping Card (back in stock), the Mesh Utility Bag, Multiplying Bananas (a really nice set!), and the Watch Box made of exotic teak wood.  I'm still working and trying to list at least a few new items each dayKeep checking back!

     --  Tom

May 2 - I can't believe it's been more than a month since I last posted here!  I've been SO busy... yet it seems like I STILL have so much to do!  I guess that's because I DO still have LOTS to do!  I've still got BOXES and BOXES of magic to stuff AND used/collectable!  Also boxes of vintage ventriloquism ephemera.  PLEASE keep checking back.... I'm trying to list at least a couple of new things every day!

    Oh....and HAPPY MAY!

-- Tom

March 27 - The new "Midi" Cups are HERE!  To see them immediately, click HERE. Be sure to take a look at this amazing new set of Cups and Balls.

       I've also got LOTS of new stuff posting to the site this coming week.... Be sure to check back often!

  --  Tom

March 10 - I hope you've noticed how many NEW items are being listed on the site lately!  Some really GREAT ricks.... be sure to checkout the "ASIAN DREAM COIN SET".... it's the hot new number!  See it by clicking HERE.  Also the "Japanese Ancient Coin Set" with four lovely Japanese coins plus a matching expanded shell.  See it by clicking HERE.  There are LOTS of possibilities with BOTH of these sets!

      There's of plenty of cool "Vintage" magic, too....  Check out the "Al Koran Three Silver Rings" by Ken Brooke and the rare Copper and Chrome Abbott Round Circle.  And for some really great stuff to carry with you, check "Royal Fantasy" and the leather shirt pocket Z Fold wallet... and MORE!

     If ventriloquism is your thing, I've just placed a two foot stack of books and vintage magazines by the computer... they'll get listed within a week.  Some GREAT stuff...much of it rare!  Keep checking back!

     Thanks, as always, for your continued support!  I sincerely appreciate your business!

--  Tom

February 1 - WOW!  I'm putting in overtime hours loading up all of the new goodies that have just arrived.  Keep checking the "NEW ARRIVALS" tab on the tool bar to see the stuff that is "fresh out of the box"!   And, as always.... Thanks for all of your ongoing's truly appreciated!

-- Tom

January 28 - I'm still working on loading new magic and vintage vent items to the site on petty much a DAILY basis!  If you haven't looked at the site in a while, be sure to check the "New Arrivals" tab on the toolbar.  That will always tell you which items have been added most recently.

     I've got a MASSIVE order of magic due in within the next week and I still haven't finished listing all of the new "goodies" from the previous shipments!  Please keep checking back to see the latest. Stay healthy, my friends!

-- Tom

January 9 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I sincerely hope you all had a fine holiday season and a fine New Year's celebration. Now we can all get down to the business of working on making 2022 a happy and healthy and prosperous New Year!

      I've got LOTS of new magic coming in shortly, and still have a LOT here already in house but not yet listed on the site. I've been a bit under the weather this past week but am already feeling better and will start to get back into the rhythm of things in a day or so.

      Keep checking back....the site will have LOTS of great new magic and vent items shortly!


-- Tom

December 19 -- Hi folks!  I'm having to put in a few hours of work on Sunday.  That's not something I usually do, but I'm still unpacking LOADS of new magic and vintage vent stuff and trying to get as much of it as I can listed on the website this week. Keep checking back!

       Hey... it's worth a reminder here....  if you buy one (or even several) small items and the total weight is under a pound, I usually ship these small packages via US First Class Package service.  The cost is only about $3.50 - $5.00 and saves you a bit of money off of the usual $8.00 flat rate that the website shopping cart adds to your order.  I've had people contact me to tell me that they wanted to order a $5.00 card trick, but don't want to pay $8.00 in postage.  I don't blame them. I wouldn't either.  It's clear these folks didn't read the "DELIVERY INFORMATION" section at the bottom of the homepage.  It explains all of this in detail. 

      I will always ship your order to you at the best price I can. Over the past few months, I've actually lost money on postage on about 90% of the orders I ship, due to the USPS raising rates. That's that again.... I'm actually paying MORE to the Post Office than you pay me for shipping!  The postal rates will go back down again in January and hopefully things will get back to normal (whatever that means these days!).

      Folks, thanks again for all of your business throughout the past year. I truly appreciate being able to supply you with my offerings.  Have a warm and wonderful holiday, and here's hoping we ALL have a Happy and Healthy 2022!

-- Tom

December 15  --  And new items are still getting listed daily!  I also just a received a HUGE box completely FULL of vent magazines...those will be listed as I scan them in, etc. Lots of new magic is being listed, too....  I've got several large boxes of magic that I'm working on right now. I unpack an item, scan it or take photos, then post it.  It's a long process, but that's why it pays to keep checking back.  In the case of one of a kind items, it may be posted for a short time only!

      Thanks again for you business.... you're all appreciated!  Have a GREAT holiday!


December 6 -- Thanks for all of the orders over the past's been an extremely busy but productive time.  I've got SO many projects in the works, including a number of NEW and EXCLUSIVE items for the Tom Ladshaw Magic site.  This is ALL thanks to YOU!  My mail order magic business is like any other small business... it depends solely upon its customers. I'm happy to have so many long-time customers...some going back to the pre-internet days!

     I hope you all have a fantastic holiday season, no matter which holiday(s) you celebrate! Thanks sincerely for a wonderful 2021.... and let's all hope that 2022 is an even BETTER year!

-- Tom

November 8 - I've added a number of new tricks since the last some great vintage vent books and magazines.  Be sure to take a look at the "New Arrivals" tab on the magic toolbar and the "Newest Listings" tab under the Ventriloquism tab.  There's some REALLY cool stuff, plus lots MORE really cool stuff on the way.  Stay tuned...and check back often!

--  Tom

October 26 - It's nearly Halloween for my friends and customers in the US....which means it's also National Magic Week!  I hope you're all "back to work" with shows - Zoom or "live" - and things are getting back to some semblance of "normal" for you. I've gotten LOTS of new magic listed recently, with a LOT still to go!  I'm also still listing vintage vent memorabilia on a nearly daily basis!  Please remember to check back often. The "Used/Collectible" section gets a lot of activity...that's because when I list an item in there, it's usually in a quantity of "one" only, and there are some INCREDIBLE deals that get posted in there!  Thanks for your continued business and support... it's truly appreciated!

--  Tom

September 23 - And I'm STILL adding new magic items daily!  I just received two HUGE shipments of new items and am photographing and listing new items each day.  Speaking of new sure to check out the Coffee Mug Chop Cup.  It's the finest one I've seen and is available while they last at an incredible price!

      LOTS of coin items that I'd run completely out of are now BACK IN STOCK....and I'm continuing to list MORE. Be sure to check the "New Arrivals" tab each time you visit the site to see what's new!

      I had a glitch with my site this past week...two days of headaches. I was forced to move to a new server not long ago and I should've been wary when they "guaranteed" that there would be NO problems whatsoever.  UGH.  I guess we all have a love/hate relationship with technology.  Anyway...thanks to those of you who gave me a quick heads up.  The site is safe - as it always has been - and orders are shipping daily.

--  Tom

September 14 - I'm baaaack!  Still working on digging through boxes of vintage vent memorabilia and uploading goodies, plus adding lots of new magic, too! A couple of new items have come in lately that have really impressed me... the CHOP MUG is one.  Looks like an ordinary coffee mug that you might have at home or be served at a diner...yet it hides the powerful secret of the well-known Chop Cup!  It is beautifully made and at a great price!  Check it out! Continuing to sell well are the Cylinder & Coins sets, plus the dollar-sized Hopping Half sets (with the Chinese coin) and more.  Take a stroll through the site and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and ASK!

- Tom

August 5 - Hi again folks!  It's all a bunch of technical goobledy-gook to me, but this website recently was "migrated" to a new server. moved. The new host guaranteed no naturally, I've been dealing with one issue after another for the past week! Sincere thanks go to my webmaster John for staying on top of this stuff. I did have a major problem with photos inside of the trick descriptions just vanishing.  Well, they didn't exactly vanish...they left a big HOLE in the middle of the descriptions. I've spent three days straight re-linking photos and I HOPE I got them all.  PLEASE let me know if you see an issue with a photo, a video, etc. I really do want to have a 100% fully-functional site at all times, and the only way I can truly stay on top of that is with YOUR help!

          Now that the site appears to be fully-functional again, I'm going to be adding LOTS of new content. I've got not only new tricks, but TONS of vent ephemera to add.  Keep checking back...and always check the "NEW ARRIVALS" tab for the latest magic listings and the "Newest Listings" tab under the "VENTRILOQUISM" tab for hte latest vent-related goodies.

          Thanks again for sticking with me.... I've got some great stuff on the horizon!

-- Tom

July 30 - I'm still recovering from the recent Vent Haven Annual Ventriloquists' ConVENTion! We had a great time and it was so nice to see folks again after not being able to gather last year. Was it just me, or did it look like most everyone had aged at least a couple of years?  Hmmm.

              I'm working on scanning in new items and "new" vintage items.  Look out for a NEW vent-related book by one of my favorite authors, Al Stevens!

              PLEASE NOTE - I'm currently having a bit of website trouble. Many of the photos embedded in the text descriptions aren't loading.  WE'RE WORKING ON IT!

             Stay tuned....  I'll post again SOON!

-- Tom


July 8 - Hi folks!  June was a busy month with lots of new items listed on the site, plus lots of vintage vent memorabilia.

              The annual Vent Haven ConVENTion for ventriloquists is next week, so I'll be attending that...but not to worry, your orders will continue to go out in the timely fashion they always do. 

              Great new item ALERT: Be sure to check out this new one... the Jumbo Impossible Card Restoration. It really is as good as it looks in he demo, and it really is EASY TO DO!  See it by clicking HERE.

               I'm STILL working on a new newsletter... hopefully I'll manage to get it out a week or so after next week's ConVENTion!

--  Tom

June 7 - Another busy month adding more new magic and more vintage vent items to the site!  I'm going to do my best to get a newsletter out this week, too!  If you're not already subscribed, please do so!  You can sign up for the FREE newsletter on the homepage...bottom right hand corner. There's a red button that says, "JOIN NOW".  Click on it and it'll just take a moment (and you can easily unsubscribe at any time, should you wish).

             Summer is already upon us...the cicadas are here.... it's time to get back to normal!  Hope you're all doing well and staying healthy.... now go take a look at some cool magic!

-- Tom

May 12 - I'm back!  I'm still working on posting LOTS of new props - vintage props - vintage vent books and magazines to the site.  I'm also still compiling the latest Tom Ladshaw Magic newsletter... look for it soon! I just added an incredibly rare 1950's Max Andrews Vampire Magic Champagne Coin Pail.  It's the TOP OF THE LINE for any serious collector!  Go take a look!  Lots more added recently, too..... take a stroll through the site and see what's new!

--  Tom

May 6 - Hi again Folks!  Hope you're all doing well and staying safe. LOTS going on here!  I'm working on the next Tom Ladshaw Magic Newsletter... it should go out the first of this coming week. I've added LOTS of new magic over the past couple of weeks, and I'm continuing to add more and more each day... I'm still unpacking and listing a HUGE shipment that arrived recently. I also will be listing some really nice, high end collectibles this coming weekend. If you like that sort of thing, check back soon! Stay tuned!

-- Tom

April 21 - Yes, I know it's been a while since I updated this "blog"....Sorry about that!  I've been SO busy with developing NEW items for the site and working to revive older items that were no longer available. Stay tuned for developments on THAT front!  In other BIG news, I just received a MASSIVE shipment of BRAND NEW magic and I'm slowly but surely getting it all listed on the site. I'm trying to add at least a couple of new items each day. in addition, many items that I'd sold out of are now back in stock. If you don't see what you want right now, check back tomorrow...or send me an e-mail and ask!

        In addition to all of the new magic items mentioned above, I'm also continuing to list vintage ventriloquism items...books, magazines, etc. There are still full FILE BOXES of vent ephemera left to list.... I just hope I live long enough to get it all online (yes, there really is THAT much stuff!)!

        I sincerely hope you're all doing well and staying safe and healthy. I think we're just about through this crazy pandemic.... Please do your part and we'll all come out OK!

--  Tom

March 1 - Hi folks!  I hope by now most of you have thawed out! We had an unprecedented amount of snow last week, but we're finally "in the clear" and the weather is nice once again. I'm working hard on my March newsletter... I hope to have it out later this week. If you're not already subscribed, please do so!  Check on the red "Join Now" button at the very bottom right hand side of the home page to sign up.

          The "Cylinder & Coins" (a la John Ramsay) sets continue to sell nearly faster than I can get them in stock! I still have some at the moment... be sure to check them out! The Walking Liberty range of coins I sell are also some of my current hottest sellers.  ALSO... Here's a real "sleeper" effect: Check out the "Rubik-Con". It's a very well-made piece of apparatus that enables you to do several different tricks, all with a Rubik's Cube. The best part? It's a nice piece of apparatus at a GREAT price...

         Thanks again for your continued support...

-- Tom

February 1 - WOW!  What an amazing weekend.... My February newsletter posted last Friday night and I spent the entire weekend packing packages and answering e-mails!  THANK YOU!  There's still LOTS of great stuff available with a LOT of new items. Another large shipment of magic is on the way and should arrive this coming Thursday or Friday.  I'll start listing it as soon as it arrives.

          The HOTTEST new item is undoubtedly the Cylinder & Coins set made with the Walking Liberty Half Dollar replicas. It's an amazing set at an amazing price. I sold out of them almost immediately, but MORE ARE ON THE WAY. Check back Thursday or Friday of this week. Or you can let me know you'd like to order one and I'll reserve one for you. I don't normally do this when an item is out of stock, but I DID leave up the description of the Cylinder & Coins since so many people were  asking about it. You can take a look by clicking HERE.

          The other HOT SELLER right now is the Charlie Miller Miser's Dream outfit. it includes the perfect pail for the trick, eight coins of the right size and weight (why eight? Because that's what Charlie recommended!), and an exclusive booklet that tips all of Charlie's "work" on this time-honored classic.  See it by clicking HERE.       

          Thanks again for your's truly appreciated.  And if you haven't ordered from me in the past, I hope you'll place an order soon and give me the opportunity to be of service to you!

-- Tom

January 29, 2021 - We're almost through the first month of the new year and I hope all of you are doing well and staying safe and healthy.  I've gotten in LOTS of new magic during the past month. I hope each time you visit the site you remember to click on the "New Arrivals" tab on the toolbar to see what's just in.

          Several cool coin tricks continue to be my best sellers. The "Master Sets" I package - both in Morgan Dollar and Chinese Coin versions - are top sellers.  Most recently, the latest version of the classic Hopping Half trick that uses a Morgan dollar and a Chinese coin has been a best seller. The use of a Chinese coin with a hole in it really ups the WOW factor of the trick. It's especially perplexing to magicians who are familiar with the original! Another recent "hit" is the Magnetic Scotch & Soda. Yes, there have been magnetic versions of the trick before, but NOT like this one! This clever new iteration has minute ridges inside the gaff coin so that the insert coin can NOT "spin", as in the original versions! You can feel 100% confident when the gaffed coin is in the hands of a spectator!

          While on coins, I have to mention the Charlie Miller Miser's Dream. It's selling incredibly well and I'm running out of the instruction booklets.  When the booklets are eventually gone, that's IT. There will be no more. Be sure to check out the complete package I offer... the coin pail, heavy dollar-sized coins and the detailed instruction booklet. This outfit is available EXCLUSIVELY from me. If you've always wanted a routine that can play anywhere for any audience, the Charlie Miller Miser's Dream is YOUR dream! And it's not as difficult as some believe... spend a pleasant hour or two with the instruction booklet and props and you'll be doing it like an old pro in NO time!

          Finally, I have to mention the new Ramsay Cylinder & Coins outfits I have available.  The set comes with high quality Walking Liberty Half Dollar replica coins and is a WINNER.  Please read all of the details about it in the trick descriptions!

          There's STILL so much more I'm leaving out....  I'll post again next week to mention a few more choice items!  Until then.... STAY SAFE!!!

--  Tom

January 1, 2021 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! The New Year is FINALLY here! My sincere wish is that each and every one of you has an extraordinary 2021. Thank you so much for supporting my little business over the past year... it's truly and sincerely appreciated. I'm already working to bring NEW magic plus great used/collectible magic and books to you in 2021.  Stay tuned...the best is yet to come!

--  Tom

December 24 - It's the day before Christmas 2020....  Not a great year so far, what with the pandemic and everything, but we're looking forward to a nice, warm holiday with family. If you celebrate this time of year, we hope you're enjoying yourself, too. 

          Lots of new stock has arrived recently.  I'm still trying to post several new items each day, along with a collectible item or two. Keep checking back and always be sure to check the "New Arrivals" tab on the homepage... that'll tell you what's just been posted on the site!

          I'd like to take a moment to thank all of my loyal customers for sticking by me throughout 2020. I'm hoping 2021 will be a better, more prosperous year for ALL of us! 

          Stay safe and healthy.... and I'll post another message soon!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

-- Tom

November 7 - I'm in the office on a Saturday, taking care of business!  Thanks to you all for the overwhelming response to last week's November Newsletter. For those of you who asked about the new Magnetic Scotch & Soda sets, I'm expecting them to arrive this coming week. I'll notify those of you who asked to be notified...the rest of you, just keep using the search engine until "magnetic scotch and soda" comes up!

          I've still got tons to list....Stay Tuned!

 -- Tom

October 29 -  I'm continuing to add new products on an almost daily basis! I've recently acquired a large collection of books on comedy and will begin to list those shortly. I also still have several boxes of magic-related books and booklets to list. I'm working on my latest newsletter now and hope to have it post tomorrow - Friday the 30th - night. If you're not already subscribed, what're you waiting for?  It's free and I never send out more than ONE e-mail a MONTH! I know some magic suppliers send out literally several a DAY in some cases, but my opinion is, when you're getting that much sales e-mail from a single source, it's SPAM.  I don't want to send SPAM....I want to send a newsletter you look forward to! You can subscribe on the home page of this site, or just send me an e-mail and say, "Sign me up!" - 

       Thanks for your continued's truly appreciated.  I sincerely hope you're all staying safe and healthy out there!

-- Tom

September 17 - I'm happy to report that I've added a substantial number of new items to the site over the past two weeks, as well as quite a few used/old/vintage/collectable booklets and manuscripts. I still have another full filebox of books to add, too!  Plus new magic is coming in all the time, and I also still have many, many fileboxes full of old magic to list in the "Used/Collectable" section.  It's getting there!

          I'm preparing my September newsletter now...hopefully it will go out the first of next week.  If you're not already on the list, why not?  It's free and it informs you about the new items available, plus specials, etc. You can sign up on the homepage of this site.... when you're done reading this, just click on the big "TL Magic" logo at the top left of this page... it'll take you to the homepage, then look down at the lower right hand corner and click on the "Join Now" button.  Enter your e-mail address and you're all set!   Stay tuned....  More great stuff is on the way!

--  Tom

September 1 - Another month, come and gone.... and life (and the magic business, thankfully!) goes on. I've finally started listing the books I've been promising for so long.  I added a lot last week, and will add more over the next few days.  I'm also expecting a HUGE shipment of NEW magic in later today.  It'll take a few days to get it all sorted, but look for my September newsletter soon... like the first of this coming week.  It'll list lots of great new magic on it, along with the "usual suspects" (used/collectible items, more magic books, etc.).

       I've said it so many times over the past few months, but I sincerely appreciate you all for the support you've shown to me and my little business during these crazy times.  Stay safe and healthy, my friends!

--  Tom

August 20 - This has been quite the productive month so far! I've managed to list new items on the site each day, PLUS I finally got a HUGE stack of books scanned and image-edited. I'm hoping to get those listed on the site within just the next day or two. That stack includes a LOT of vintage titles.

          I'm also still unpacking a large lot that I recently acquired that consists of the unsold stock from a closed magic shop.  There's a LOT of really great magic that hasn't been available for some time, and it's all new/old stock...meaning never used and in most cases, never even opened!  Stay tuned for MORE!

--  Tom

August 8 - My latest newsletter goes out tonight.  Hooray! I sincerely hope you're all doing well and continuing to stay safe during this crazy time. I'm still working on finding and bringing to you the unusual magic and ventriloquism stuff you just can't find elsewhere. As always, take a look on the site...  click on the different categories and look completely through them.  You just might find a few well