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  • The Miser's Dream - Charlie Miller

        The "Miser's Dream" is a classic coin trick/routine that is some two hundred years old, yet it still delights audiences of all ages. It may be performed on stage before an audience of thousands or for small groups with equal effectiveness. It's STRONG magic....60+ year veteran performer Dick Oslund used it for many years to CLOSE his he said, "I couldn't follow it!"

          The Effect -- The magician picks up a small wine bucket or pail from a table and begins to tell a story about a stingy man who found a magic lamp and made a wish. From that point forward whenever he wished the man could produce money from thin air - and the magician “catches” a coin and tosses it loudly into the bucket. The magician proceeds to produce what appears to be dozens of coins from all over the stage, a seemingly endless supply! The magician may even walk down into the audience and produce coins from spectators' clothes, etc. As a finale', the magician may produce a shower of coins...a shower of bills...or even a wine bottle to place into his bucket! The possibilities for personal creativity within the framework of this classic effect are virtually unlimited!

           The Miser’s Dream is a wonderful stage routine, thanks to the flash of the coins when they're produced and the metal bucket and the sound of the coins dropping into it.

           So...what am I offering here?  Well, this is a COMPLETE outfit: Bucket, dollar-sized coins, and complete instruction booklet with instructions from the legendary Charlie Miller himself.

           Let's talk just a little about each component I'm offering:

                         THE BUCKET

          I'm very proud of this bucket.  I searched long and hard to find just the right bucket. It's light enough that you can hold it comfortably, yet heavy enough to give a great sound when a coin is dropped into it... and let's face it, at the end of the day, it's the SOUND that really sells this trick. Even if you're in an auditorium that's SO big that the audience can't really see the coins you're producing, they'll certainly HEAR them being dropped into the pail.

         The best bucket available for this trick - for years - was the "Bell Bucket" as produced and sold by Magic, Inc. Unfortunately, they haven't had their original Bell Bucket available for some years now. The only real downside to the Bell Bucket was its weight: 1-1/2 pounds empty.  With such a small rolled rim on it, it was difficult to grip the bucket properly for long periods of time. But the sound.... the SOUND! The original Bell Bucket was made from cold rolled steel, which produced the unique "bell' sound (hence, the name!).

          At only about 8-1/2 ounces in weight, the bucket I'm offering is only one THIRD the weight of an original Bell Bucket. In addition, instead of the small, rolled rim, it has a FLAT rim that measures approximately 3/8" wide. The advantage here is that the flat rim enables the bucket to rest - indeed, essentially HANG - on your thumb, making for a much less tiring performance. The bucket I'm offering is manufactured from stainless steel. It's lighter than the cold-rolled steel used in the original Bell Bucket, so the sound is naturally different. It is not as highly pitched, BUT... it is 100%, EVERY bit as LOUD. And again, that's what you're striving for....the SOUND of the coin "arriving" in the bucket.

          The bucket measures 6-7/8" tall, with a rim diameter of 5-3/4" and a base diameter of  4-1/2". This size is ideal to fit into just about any magic case, (except for a thin briefcase, though it will fit into a deep briefcase, which is usually 6" interior depth). As mentioned previously, the weight is about 8-1/2 ounces. Unlike most buckets offered today, this one has a mirror finish on the OUTSIDE, which gives you a nice, shiny, showy effect onstage. It presents beautifully and is a prop you'll be proud to own and use.

                         THE COINS

          Included with the outfit is a stack of eight dollar-sized coins.  They are replicas of U.S. Morgan Dollars, made from zinc. They appear to be aged, antique coins dated 1879. You can even work the "age" of the coins into your presentation, if you wish. These coins have a fantastic weight to them and the sound they make when dropped into the bucket is EXCEPTIONAL.  Believe me, your neighbors down the street will know when you're practicing this one!

          Why eight coins?  Because that's what Charlie Miller recommends! Additional matching coins are available, but please note that these zinc replicas are NOT the Morgan Dollar replicas that I sell as part of my coin sets, etc.  These zinc replicas are available ONLY with this Miser's Dream outfit (and by special order @ $4.95 per coin -- please inquire).

                         THE ROUTINE

          Included with each set is a fully-illustrated, twelve page booklet detailing Charlie Miller's "work" on "The Miser's Dream". This booklet contains all of the "real work" you need to properly present this classic effect and routine. Charlie used to carry most of his props onstage inside his bucket... it's a great idea and made it an "organic" part of his presentation. You'll even find Charlie's patter... yes, some of the lines are a bit dated, but most are not and frankly, even presented as is it's still a show stopper

          Learn how to hold the coins...produce them...learn Charlie's own finesses and subtleties....learn to "sell" the trick.  It's all in the booklet!

          This is not just a trick....and it's more than "just" a routine.  In a real way, it's a complete ACT.... and it can be YOURS.  This routine is NOT difficult to do, but you will have to put in some practice time simply learning the sequence of the routine and learning how to hold the coins for production. A couple of hours spent with the props in hand running through the routine will reward you with an ANYTIME, ANYWHERE versatile routine that can bring down the house in any part of your act...including as the CLOSER!

          A good bucket or pail for this trick - even an ungimmicked one! - can easily sell for $100.00....or MORE ! 

          The eight coins ALONE are a $40.00 value ! 

         The book originally sold all by itself for $14.95

         This entire outfit is EASILY a $150.00 value, without even taking into account the literal thousands of dollars of entertainment it can produce!  And yet... I'm offering it at a price that you simply cannot refuse!

          Remember... You get the TOP QUALITY stainless steel pail with MIRROR finish... EIGHT heavy Morgan dollar replica coins in their own velveteen pouch... the detailed, illustrated booklet that will teach you the handling and presentation in virtually NO time.  This is a set of props and a presentation that is a SOLID 7-10 minutes of PURE ENTERTAINMENT in your show, and that's regardless of whether you perform for birthday parties or for theater audiences!  This feature presentation plays for just a few.... or a few THOUSAND!

         This is a WHOLE LOT of world class entertainment for only...


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The Miser's Dream - Charlie Miller

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