The Best Kept Secret in Magic
  • Bottle Production from Silks - Pro


          This one is featured by some of the biggest names in magic!  It's easy to do and always garners a HUGE reaction! 

          You freely show a red, a yellow and a blue silk and toss them each up in the air individually to prove that they are empty. You then collect all of them together , bunch them up, and produce a real bottle of champagne or any other such item from the silks.

          No body loads or table loads necessary. This production is fully self-contained and is ideal to produce any bottle or other similarly-shaped items. These silks are specially made for this effect and the new, improved gimmick makes it a lot easier to produce the load. Ideal for "one shot" uses, too....  produce a bottle of champagne for a birthday, wedding, etc., even if you're not doing your entire act!

          Comes complete with the three custom-made silks, matching high quality gimmick and link to an on-line instructional tutorial.


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Bottle Production from Silks - Pro

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