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  • Basic Card Technique - book by Anthony Norman

          This is a text book for the student of card magic. In the 77 pages of this over-sized format book, the author has carefully explained all the basic moves and sleights required for card tricks.

          Frankly, I don't know why "The Royal Road to Card Magic" has traditionally been the "go to" book for beginning cardicians (most likely for no other reason than it was published by Hugard and Braue). To be sure, it's an excellent book for the beginning- to intermediate students, but I've always felt that this book was FAR superior as far as teaching the real foundations of card magic.

          "Basic Card Technique" contains twenty chapters which describe various methods of the Pass, Locations, Palming, Forcing, False Cuts, False Shuffles, False Counts, Double Lifts, Top and Bottom Changes, Glide or Slip, Glimpse or Peeks, Reversing the Cards, Treating the Cards, Prepared Cards, Card Subtleties, Producing Chosen Cards, Flourishes, Back and Front Palming, Fanning etc. Interestingly enough, there is also a complete chapter devoted to presentation. Yes, the book was published in 1948 and some of the ideas on presentation MAY Seem dated...but do NOT discount them! A thorough reading and re-reading of this section should be required for any serious student of magic (and not just card magic!). It's not solely about presentation of the tricks, but of yourSELF...your ACT...your appearance in front of an audience, etc. There is much excellent advice in this section, and much to think about.

          The descriptions of the sleights and subtleties and tricks are all first rate and thorough. You will learn things from this book that are NOT taught in other basic and intermediate card books. This has been one of my favorite card texts since I first "discovered" it in the mid 1970's. If you'll give it a serious read, I honestly believe it'll become one of your favorites, too.  The illustrations are top notch, and the "old school" chapter header illustrations are simply charming.

          This book will save the beginner and intermediate student of card magic much trouble and expense in acquiring the knowledge of basic card technique. It gets my very highest recommendation!

          1996 printing, 7" x 11" format, 80pp. In my own personal opinion, this book is priceless.... but you may buy one for yourself for only...


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Basic Card Technique - book by Anthony Norman

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