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  • Inferno PLUS Wallet

           Whether used as a gag item or as a part of your show, a fire wallet commands ATTENTION. So if you're going to use a fire wallet, why not use the VERY BEST

          Buy one and you'll discover why this was an immediate SELL-OUT at the recent Winter Carnival of Magic!

          Without question, the “Inferno PLUS Wallet” is one of the FINEST fire wallets ever produced, if not THE finest. 

          Serious thought has gone into the design and manufacture of this outstanding wallet: The wick is housed in a metal pan for safety. This pan extends across both sides of the opened billfold-style wallet, making for a flame that is TWICE as wide as most similar fire wallets.  The wick pan itself has a magnetic seal, so that when it closes, it STAYS closed.  The wick is riveted into the wick pan, which in turn is riveted into the wallet, rather than glued, all for safety’s sake.  Because the wick pan creates a tight seal when closed, the wick stays moist longer, enabling you to carry the wallet for longer periods of time before “re-loading” with lighter fluid.

          The wick pan is hidden behind an interior flap in the wallet.  When the wallet is opened, this flap displays a window for an ID card, forced playing card, etc. The wallet also features three credit card slots in addition to the bill area, so it may be used as your “everyday” wallet.

          The PLUS feature of this amazing fire wallet really sets it apart.  Examination of the wallet will reveal that it is also a SWITCH wallet! The design is best known today as the “Shogun” style wallet (named by legendary magic dealer Al Cohen), and attributed to Elbert Gardner, who came up with the idea in the late 1970’s/early 1980’s. In fact, a wallet made in the exact same way (though much larger in size) was created and used on stage during the 1940’s by British magician Stanley Watson (best known for his comedy “Cut - No Cut Scissors”). 

          This wallet is THIN and may be carried as your "everyday" wallet. The leather is high is not the usual rough "shoe grade" leather used in so many fire wallets.\

          Comes complete with wallet, instructions, and 52-on-1 card.  Also, courtesy of Al Cohen, you'll receive a truly FANTASTIC "borrowed and burned bill" routine for stand-up performers.  This routine ALONE is worth the price of the entire outfit to any working performer.


          Retail is $49.50.  Buy one now for only... $35.00


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Inferno PLUS Wallet

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