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  • Jumbo Morgan Dollar - 2.75 Inch

         This is a JUMBO (2.75") reproduction of the US Morgan Dollar.  Photo shows both sides of this jumbo Morgan reproduction.

          This is NEW.  I've sold the 3 inch "drink coaster" version for years... it's nice, and makes a startling production, but it's nowhere NEAR as nice as THIS version.  Yes, this one is slightly smaller in diameter than the ones we're used to, BUT.... it is an EXACT reproduction of an 1882 Morgan Dollar (which just happens to match virtually all of my Morgan Dollar coins). It is also substantially HEAVIER than the usual jumbo coin... in fact, even though it's slightly smaller in diameter than the usual jumbo coin, it's nearly DOUBLE the weight (the "drink coaster" type 3" jumbo coin weighs in at 2 ounces... this coin weighs in at just over 3 and a half ounces!).

          My good buddy Friedhoffer - "The Madman of Magic" - used to perform a really beautiful one coin "flurry" with a Kennedy half.  The finale' was when he'd change that half into a JUMBO half and drop it - noisily - onto the table. Believe me, it got attention! Just imagine the attention THIS coin will get when it's dropped onto a weighs nearly TWICE what those old jumbos weigh! No doubt about it...EVERYONE will know you've just produced a jumbo coin!

          If you've bought any of my Morgan Dollar coin sets in the past, you simply MUST get one of these jumbos! It's a PERFECT match for my Morgan replicas! And buy a coin clip for it (link below)'ll be glad you did.

         Get one while they last for only...


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Jumbo Morgan Dollar - 2.75 Inch

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