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  • Coin in Bottle - Folding Quarter

          The magician borrows a normal U.S. Quarter dollar and an empty bottle. He asks a spectator to hold the bottle by its neck, then he strikes the bottom of the bottle with the borrowed quarter. Instantly, the quarter apparently penetrates the bottom of the bottle and ends up INSIDE!  Afterwards he shows that the coin is really inside the bottle, then the magician waves the bottle and the coin flies out of it. The coin and bottle are then immediately given out for examination!I

          With this trick you will receive a finely-crafted gimmicked coin produced by Tango Magic. Tango Magic produces some of the finest quality gimmicked coins in the world. Tango stands behind their products to guarantee your success. As a bonus to thank you for your purchase, Tango has included in this package Tangopedia , a four-hour instructional tutorial video. This tutorial includes basic instructions for more than 50 gimmicked coin routines using a variety of our specialty coins such as Expanded Shell Coins, Copper/Silver/Brass, Scotch and Soda, Pen Through Coin, Folding Coins, Okito Boxes, and more. From this bonus tutorial you will learn the basics of using your new Tango Magic products as well as gaining insight into the amazing of possibilities the Tango line of coins provides.


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Coin in Bottle - Folding Quarter

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