The Best Kept Secret in Magic
  • Color Changing Ball to Jumbo Square


        Without question, this is one of my all-time favorite "go to" tricks! I have one of these tricks in each of my performance cases, ready to go. If I need to fill a little bit of extra time, THIS is the trick I use. If I'm asked to do just a short bit elsewhere in a show (apart from my own act), THIS is what I do. 

        The routine the way I do it: A red ball is briefly shown. I explain that I want the audience to take part in a simple game of observation. I now pretend to place the ball from one hand into the other....or am I really pretending? The audience members guess, then I reveal which hand the ball is in. I do this several times. Finally, I really try to fool them...and when they state which hand they think the ball is in, I open the hand to reveal...a large CUBE! "No the ball isn't in this hand...this is the CUBE! In fact, the ball is in THIS hand..." I now open my other hand to reveal a ball...but it's a BLACK ball! "Oh, you're wondering what happened to the RED ball? Well, I got that to my pocket while you weren't looking!" I now reach into a trouser pocket with a CLEARLY empty hand and remove the RED ball.

        This plays STRONG. Lots of scope for comedy .... lots of automatic laughs! It packs small (and light!) and plays BIG. What more could you want?'s what else you could want.... it's EASY to DO....and INEXPENSIVE!


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Color Changing Ball to Jumbo Square

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