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        In the late 60's, legendary British magician/inventor Ian Adair (of Supreme Magic) came up with what is no doubt one of the greatest mysteries of its kind ever conceived! It was a new version of the age-old Bill Tube, yet it managed to make the Bill Tube and similar props completely obsolete! Although generally regarded as a mere "pocket trick" at the time, it fooled virtually everyone who saw it and those who were in search of commercial magic quickly realized its potential and GRABBED it!

        The following is an absolutely true description of the effect as demonstrated at all the major magical conventions in Great Britain: A small plastic tube is shown, sealed at both ends and sealed in the center with adhesive tape. Without switches or exchanges, the tube is placed in full view in a tumbler and given to someone to hold. A Banknote (any currency may be used) is wrapped in a borrowed handkerchief and given to someone to hold. Now for the magic! The tube is lifted from the glass, the handkerchief is snatched away from the spectator and the note has vanished! Spectator himself assists by removing the adhesive tape holding the two halves of the tube together. In one half there is a message which reads: “Thanks for the loan of the cash!” and in the other half of the tube is the actual borrowed note!

        There were NO fekes of any kind for someone to discover. Completely different from the old Bill Tube idea. Only one note was used. No switches or exchanges. Very easy-to-do.

        Of course, once the Supreme Magic Company went out of business, you could only find "Tube-It" on the secondary market. It was a prized effect in many close-up and platform acts! Well, good news! The original "Tube-It" effect has now been updated and made in a CLEAR version, which adds to the deceptiveness of the item compared to the opaque original. I didn't think it could be any better, but it IS!

        It's not only clear now, but the tube has been made somewhat larger so you don't need to be so "finicky" with the bill, AND it also enables you to use larger pieces of paper (predictions, etc.). If you're looking for show-stopping signature piece of magical theater, this is IT! It's really just a small clear plastic tube, but due to the special design, it's entertainment potential is ENORMOUS!

        Comes complete with the very special two-piece tube (measures approximately 4" x 1-1/4") and complete instructions. DO NOT LET THE LOW PRICE FOOL YOU! You're buying a time-tested routine with a simple little prop...what you do with it and how "BIG" you make the presentation is up to you!

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Crystal Clear Tube - It

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