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  • Figure Making Can Be Fun?!? - Book by Michael Brose

FIGURE MAKING CAN BE FUN ?!? - Book by Michael Brose

          Subtitled, "A Complete Guide to Making a Professional Ventriloquist Figure"

          For many years, the art of the figure maker was a deep, dark secret. Figure makers jealously guarded their hard won secrets and short cuts. It was not unknown for one figure maker to acquire the works of other figure makers only to tear these creations apart to find out exactly how they were engineered (sadly enough, this still goes on today in the cases of those who are copiers, rather than innovators)! For so long, the small amount of information that was available on making figures was lacking, at best. The occasional instructions in a book on vent...a pamphlet...perhaps a Popular Mechanics article. The section on constructing a figure in Paul Winchell's 1954 classic book "Ventriloquism for Fun & Profit" and the chapter on making a figure in the Maher Home Study Course in Ventriloquism were the best sources of information out there for YEARS. Ray Guyll produced a booklet or two... Brant Gilmer published an excellent small booklet on creating a wooden figure. But, these works were limited in their distribution. Then....Mike Brose came on the scene.

          Without a jealous bone in his body, Mike laid bare the "real work" of creating a professional ventriloquial figure. The tips, the tricks, the techniques... he spent untold hours getting it all down on paper in a readable, understandable, usable form. Fully photo- and line-art illustrated, this is the first TRUE step-by-step book on creating a professional ventriloquial figure from scratch. This book is - in a single word - encyclopedic. Never has there been so much detailed information on the art of figure making in one place. This in-depth manual reveals more than one way to make molds and castings to produce top quality ventriloquial figures. There's even a way to make a figure without molds! You'll learn how to work with the materials that many top figure makers use. You'll learn what it takes to make quality mechanics and animations inside the figure's head.

          This one-of-a-kind book also includes: Proportions, Sculpting Models, Plaster Molds, Latex Molds, Silicone Molds, Casting (numerous techniques & materials), Mechanics and Animations (many effects not covered elsewhere previously), Painting & Body Construction (full dimensions), Wigs, and even Clothing! Yes, all of this and more has been included inside this one detailed volume. There are numerous photos and quality illustrations along with detailed instructions for each part of the process.

          If you've ever thought about creating your own ventriloquial figure, THIS book is the one MUST-HAVE item you simply cannot do without. The many hours of work in compilation it represents and the closely-guarded-up-until-now techniques and secrets it reveals makes the cost of this manual a pittance for the serious would-be figure maker.

          205pp; measures approximately 8-1/2" x 11"; spiral-bound.  This is the FIRST printing (2001 copyright), and this is a USED copy.  It has minor stains and scuffs from use, but it is in otherwise FINE condition and complete.


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Figure Making Can Be Fun?!? - Book by Michael Brose

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Figure Making Can Be Fun?!? - Book by Michael Brose

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