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  • Flash Card Prediction Silk

          Here's s fun-tastic effect that will play for virtually ALL ages...and in everything from close-up venues all the way up to full stage shows!

         A spectator selects a card from a deck. The performer states he previously made a prediction of the card the spectator would select.  He now produces and freely displays a silk with cards printed all over it!  The silk is shown on BOTH sides...there are cards printed all over it on BOTH sides! Naturally, the audience thinks this is a gag!  The spectator is now instructed to name his selected card out loud. As he does this, the performer snaps the silk, and it instantly and visibly transforms into a SUPER JUMBO replica of the selected card! This large card silk is again displayed on both sides with only the spectator's selection now seen printed on the silk!.

         NOTE -- This silk displays a Queen of Clubs as the final revelation.

         The heavy duty silk measures approximately 13" x 16".  Large enough to be seen on the largest stage! If you're familiar with the color-changing streamer, this works on the same principle. It's very easy to do so you can concentrate on your presentation. Made with double-thickness heavy silk so there is no bleed-through, etc.

Retail is $24.95. I've got just a few left....grab one today for only...


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Flash Card Prediction Silk

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