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  • Guri Guri Card

Guri Guri Card by Shigeru Sugawara

          Have a spectator select a card from a deck of cards and memorize the selected card. The card is returned to the deck, then the deck of cards is well shuffled. The magician now tries to find the chosen card, however, it’s almost impossible… The magician seems to lack confidence in deciding on just one card, so he picks two cards from the deck. Unfortunately, NEITHER of the two cards is the chosen card!  It’s not end of the trick, though... he claims he has NOT made any mistake YET.  The magician now rubs the two cards in front of the spectators' eyes. Mysteriously, one of the cards changes into the chosen card in the blink of an eye! It's so visual you'll think it's an optical illusion!

        A brand new type of gimmicked card makes the effect super visual!  No difficult techniques or sleights are required! ONLY the amazing Shigeru Sugawara could come up with this incredible effect! (If you've ever purchased Tenyo’s items before, you've no doubt seen Sugawara's name at least once, on such items as “Fortune Donut”, “The Gorilla Bar”, “Squeeze Play”, etc.  In fact, it's safe to say that the worldwide success of Tenyo would be impossible without Sugawara!

        Retail is $29.95.  Own it today for only...


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Guri Guri Card

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