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  • Hypnotic Coin

        Magically shrink a penny before your eyes to a fraction of its size! Or change a penny into a dime!

        Easy to do! This trick was one of my "go to" beginner tricks back when I was demo'ing in magic shops.  I must've sold HUNDREDS of them. The funny thing is, I'd sell just as many to workers as to the beginners, because  - simply - it's a really gret trick!  I can't tell you how many times I'd show this trick to a beginner at the magic counter, and a long-time magician would be standing nearby watching.  The beginner would make his purchases, then later, the magician would say to me, "Hey, why don't you throw in one of those Shrinking Coin tricks with my stuff.... it might be good as a gift for a nephew", etc.,...  And then I'd see them do it somewhere!  Hey...nothing to be ashamed of...a good trick is a good trick!  Just like the Sponge Bunnies.... the real workers know the value of a commercial trick! 

        This is based on the old "Coin Block" effect, but "dressed up" so it's no longer just a "kiddie trick".  The "coin" with this set is really looks just like one of those old "Hypno Disks" from the back of comic books.  You can use that reference in your presentation. Of course, I used to explain that it was made from a piece of a downed UFO that the government has in its possession. The disk has odd side effects.... it shrinks things!  I'd make the penny shrink down to a miniature penny, then the blow-off joke would be, "It really does shrink just about anything it touches! I'm sorry I used to carry it in my front pocket!"  This would get a good laugh and give me just the right misdirection to "ditch the dirty" and allow them to examine the disk to their hearts' content!

         For such a little bit of money, this is a FANTASTIC trick AND value!        


        Comes with the "hypnotic disk", gimmick, and  complete instructions. Carry in your pocket and performed it anytime, anywhere!

        Own one today for only...


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Hypnotic Coin

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