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  • Impossible Card Change

          In the mid 1970’s, Dr. Peter Gloviczki of Hungary created a minor sensation with his amazing “Plexi Prediction” trick, in which two playing cards were sealed in plastic, yet magically transformed into two entirely different cards when momentarily covered. This trick is a pocket-sized version of Dr. Gloviczki’s original creation.

        Due to its size, this trick is not only easier to transport than the original, but it is actually much easier to perform. Additionally, while it is taught using a handkerchief as cover, it may also be easily done “bare-handed”.

        A small plastic “frame” is shown. Inside this frame is a miniature playing card. The card is sealed in this frame and the spectator may even rub his fingers on both the face and back of the frame to assume himself that the card really is sealed inside the frame. The card is momentarily glimpsed by the spectator who sees that it is a Three of Clubs. The frame with the card inside is placed under a handkerchief and given to the spectator to hold. A regular deck of cards is now shuffled and the spectator selects a card, which the magician states will match the “prediction” card in the frame. The selected card is revealed to be the Jack of Hearts! The spectator realizes the magician has failed, yet when the frame is uncovered, the card sealed inside is seen to be a miniature Jack of Hearts, matching the prediction and bringing the trick to a successful conclusion!

          Watch this amazing demo:

        I love performing this.... the method is as amazing as the trick! Yet it's easy to do and one you'll find yourself carrying with you often.

        Comes complete with frame and photo-illustrated instructions. You'll be doing  it in moments!

        Brand new. The suggested retail price is $12.95. Buy it from me for only...


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Impossible Card Change

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