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  • Jardine Ellis Ring PLUS


          The standard Jardine Ellis Ring has been a favorite of mine ever since Bob Friedhoffer fooled the bejeebers out of me with it many years ago. 

          The key word with this particular outfit is precision. You'll fool yourself again and again with this beautifully made silver Jardine Ellis ring. This one may actually be shown on BOTH sides with no danger of the spectators noticing anything out of the ordinary!

          All of the standard transpositions and penetrations are possible including this classic: Spectator holds his hand in a fist with his thumb pointing straight up. The ring is placed over his thumb, then a handkerchief is spread over his hand. The magician reaches underneath the hanky and removes the ring, then vanishes it. The hanky is instantly whipped away and there is the ring, right over his thumb, just as it was before! 

          Or how about having a spectator tie a length of rope into a loop and even holding the knot...yet the ring can easily penetrate on and off the loop of rope?  This and SO much more is possible with the Jardine Ellis Ring....and with this LATEST iteration - the Jardine Ellis PLUS outfit, there's an entire NEW world of possibilities!

          Watch the brief demo below for just a FEW of the possibilities with this wonderful set....

          The Jardine Ellis PLUS set is an innovative combination of both the traditional Jardine Ellis Ring and the classic "Ring and String" (or, in this case, chain!).  You can perform the Classic Ring on Chain... Ring Off Chain... Chain Penetration... Ring On Cord... Wand-erful Ring... and the amazing Triple Appearance and Vanish (though you'll need two sets for that one!).

          This Jardine Ellis Ring PLUS is a beautiful outfit that you'll be proud to own. Comes complete with Special Ring, Chain, velveteen carrying bag, and link to an on-line video tutorial. 

          This is a BARGAIN at only...


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Jardine Ellis Ring PLUS

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