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  • Egg Bag - Basic Model

          The Egg Bag is one of the all-time classic magic props with literally hundreds of possible routines - limited only by the performer's imagination!  More than one performer has built his career and reputation solely on the strength of his Egg Bag routine!

          The basic effect: An egg is placed into a small cloth bag and made to "vanish". In fact, the spectators see the magician “steal” the egg from the bag and place it into his pocket! The magician is caught! But NO....the Egg really is in the bag! Now the trick is repeated but this time the spectators thinks they see the egg being placed under the magician’s arm. To everyone’s surprise, the egg is not under the arm but is back in the bag! Finally, the magician agrees to tell the audience how the trick is done... but after the explanation the audience is more confused than ever!

          The above is only the most general of routines! Just about every well-known magician worked on the Egg Bag at some point and developed his own bits of business for it. There is a TON of material out there on the Egg Bag in all of the "classic" texts.  There have also been books specifically written about the Egg Bag. This outfit is a good starter set to learn with. Once you develop your own routine with your own gags and bits of business, you'll no doubt have a show stopping routine that packs flat, plays BIG and is a real audience PLEASER!

          You’ll have tons o' fun with this one, but more importantly, your audience will have fun! Remember...This prop takes up virtually no space in your bag, but it will play for the largest of audiences! That's why it has stood the test of time and is a CLASSIC among classics! Kids love it...adults love's truly a UNIVERSAL audience favorite!

          Includes the special bag, sturdy fake egg and complete instructions.

          Manufacturer's suggested retail price is $8.95.  It's yours for only...


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Egg Bag - Basic Model

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