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  • Mesh Utility Bag

        This new Mesh Utility (Production/Force Bag) is so well made you can place it right in front of the spectator's nose and he still won't be able to figure it out!

        Much more than a fantastic utility item... This innocent looking bag can help you create a reputation as an incredible mind reader! Its deceptive beauty lies in the fact that this bag has a completely transparent mesh front. The simple design leads the audience to believe it is innocent - they can see right through it, after all! - and yet it does all the work for you! Many presentations are possible with this wonderful Mesh Bag. For instance, imagine showing the bag filled with colored buttons. You show your closed fist and tell the audience you have predicted what color they will choose and that color button is held in your closed hand. You allow a spectator to freely pick a button and it matches yours!

        You can use this bag with cards, paper slips with randomly written numbers or names, bills, coins, silks. You can always know in advance what item they will pick with this amazing mesh force bag.

        Use it for mind reading predictions. Use it for switching objects. Use it to PRODUCE items!

        I've used one of these for years to make my Invisible Deck visibly appear as the spectator tosses it to me!  I "catch" it in the bag and as I do, the deck visibly appears in the bag! This idea alone is worth the price of the prop!

         DELUXE quality.  Easy to do. Packs small and plays BIG!  New, deluxe size...measures approximately 8" wide x 11-1/2" deep.

         Comes with detailed instructions and ideas!

        Suggested retail is $29.95.  Own this one for only...


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Mesh Utility Bag

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