The Best Kept Secret in Magic
  • Minted - by Craig Squires

          Minted is Craig Squires' own variation on the classic "Matchbox Penetration". It's a clever idea and packs a real punch!

          Imagine showing a pack of Polo Mints (Lifesavers in he U.S.) and explaining you are going to show a couple of puzzles. You introduce a long needle and piece of thread. You show the first puzzle in which you place the needle and thread through the middle of the tube of mints, which isn't very puzzling as you could be going between two pieces! Next, you place the needle and thread down the center of the tube so that is comes out of the bottom; again not very puzzling as the candies are known for having a hole in their middle! comes the puzzling part: You make a magical gesture and from the tube of mints you drop a solid brass rod out onto the spectators hand!

           Key Points: The solid brass rod is fully examinable - Use either Polo or Lifesavers wrappers - Use any solid items to pass through the wrappers like a wooden coffee stirrer, cocktail straw, etc.

          Whats included: Custom machined brass rod - Polo and Lifesaver wrappers to get you started - Foil wrappers to get you started - Needle & Thread - Video tutorial.

          Extremely well-made and attractively packaged.  Brand new.

          It appears that U.S. dealers are completely sold out of this and only Craig Squires himself is offering it on his British website. I have only a couple... if you want one, please don't hesitate!

          Retail is $77.00.  Own this one today for only...


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Minted - by Craig Squires

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