The Best Kept Secret in Magic
  • Mis Prediction


          Here's a classic "magician in trouble" type of card routine with a kicker ending that'll really get them talking!

          Tell your spectators that you have made a prediction of which card a selected spectator will choose. Your prediction is in a small envelope and is left in full view from the beginning of the routine. Now, the spectator is instructed to choose a card from a shuffled deck. He does so and shows the card to the other spectators. You now explain that you will show your prediction to prove that you knew which card would be chosen.  You open the envelope and remove a card... the spectators laugh, as it is NOT the selected card!  You MISSED!  But wait... as "insurance", you actually placed several more cards in the envelope, "just in case"BAD NEWS!  Not a ONE of the other "prediction cards" match the spectator's selection! Now the spectators really are laughing....or feeling really sorry for you!

          So now it's time to turn the spectators into TRUE BELIEVERS!  You now proceed to turn the each of the four incorrect prediction cards over! WHAT!?!  On the back of each one of the four cards is printed a quarter of a JUMBO card. Place the four cards together to form the jumbo card....which MATCHES the spectator's selection!

          This is a classic "sucker" plot...which laymen love!  And the best part of this particular trick?  IT'S SO EASY TO DO!

          Simply use the special Mis Prediction cards along with your own regular matching Bicycle deck. All you'll need to know is how to do a simple force.  And if you don't already know how to do that, let me know and I'll include simple instructions for that, too!

           Comes complete with the specially printed Mis Prediction cards and easy to follow instruction. Imported from Italy.


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Mis Prediction

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