The Best Kept Secret in Magic
  • My Best - Book by J.G. Thompson, Jr.
    When I was discovering all of the wonders of magic fifty (gulp!) years ago, this was one of my very favorite books. Along with the Tarbell Course, Bobo's Modern Coin Magic and Greater Magic, this book represented the most amazing value. The ratio of tricks contained in the book to money spent to buy the book is simply insane. But unlike Tarbell (in my opinion), this contained no "filler"....Thompson really had vetted all of the material and selected only the BEST (hence, the title!).  Sure, I didn't always agree with his selections, and I didn't love absolutely everything in the book...but overall, I honestly believe there's more usable magic in this single volume than you'll find in just about ANY other magic book!'s THAT good!

    The pages of this book contain the very best tricks from the best brains in magic – not just any effects, but the best and most jealously guarded creations of more than 100 magicians. A compilation consisting of 193 tricks in all branches of magic, contributed by 115 well known professionals, as well as amateurs. Nine chapters of Card Discoveries and Locations, Cards in Motion (transpositions, flying, and rising), Mental Magic with Cards, Assorted Card Tricks, Pocket Tricks, Tricks for the Home, Tricks for Home and Stage, Stage Tricks, and a section of biographies on the contributors. It is TRULY a stunning achievement....and yet it's sadly been all but forgotten by modern magicians! They're missing out!

    Just a few personal favorites here: "The Card Between" - "So That's the Way You Want It!" - "Card on the Wall" - "The Card in the Wallet" - "Rising Cards" - JM Rising Card (this explains Jack McMillen's Plunger Principle so you can do the rising card anytime, anywhere!) - Chanin's "Gone!" (great coin vanish) - "Poor Man's Bank Night" -"Bewitched Paper" (do as I do cut & restored paper) - Torn Bill to Lemon -  Verne Chesbro's "Silver shower (Miser's Dream) and SO many more!  Too many to list here!

    So many effects that are now acknowledged as classics appeared in this book first!  Effects like: Hornswoggled (short change routine) - Spot Sticks (Jumping Gems) - Plunger Principle - Peter Rabbit Goes to Town! (Multiplying Rabbits) - Double Locking Slate (Harry Dobrin's mechanical masterpiece) - Thompson's own "Midnight Madness". (I made up a Midnight Madness set in high school and worked it with a friend.  Friends from those years talk about it to THIS DAY!  If you get the book and like the idea, let me know....I'll reveal an amazing shortcut to get the special apparatus needed...for less than $5.00!)

    The book is comprised of 380 pages with more than 350 illustrations. Finally back in print in a new, softcover edition.

    This book gets my 100% highest recommendation.  If you simply page through the book, you WILL find something you WILL use either in your formal performances or your impromptu work...or BOTH!  Are you with me here?  I'm saying, you really should do yourself a favor and buy this book!  LOL

    I just got a special buy on these and am passing along the savings to you.  As far as I'm concerned this book is PRICELESS and is worth at least many times the suggested retail price.  The publisher's suggested retail price for this MUST HAVE volume is $12.95.  But you may order one for me while my supply lasts for only...


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My Best - Book by J.G. Thompson, Jr.

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