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PAPER TO MONEY – Patrick Page

          This amazing trick enables you to visually transform blank pieces of paper into REAL BILLS!  This is the legendary effect as performed by the late great Dutch magician, Fred Kaps. Paper to Money (aka Patrick Page's Easy Money) is powerful, visual magic at its very finest.

          Here's the effect. You remove a handful of blank pieces of white paper the size of paper money from your wallet and count them, showing both the fronts and backs of the pieces. They're exactly what they appear to be... blank pieces of paper! Next, you fold the pieces in half, snap them back open and suddenly, you're holding real bills of whatever denomination you choose!

          Here's a quick video demo:

          Instead of blank pieces of paper, you can change pieces of colored magazine paper into bills, or ones into tens, fives into fifties, tens into hundreds, etc.! You can even use pieces of paper cut from a client's sales brochure for sales meetings and trade show work! Think about it... what better way is there to illustrate "profit" to a sales team than by changing a company's promotional materials into genuine currency right before their eyes!

          Yes, it works with non-US currency as well! No difficult sleights, just a simple gimmick you can make up in literally just a few minutes with a few common household items (paper, bills, and gluestick or rubber cement).

          The trick automatically resets for your next performance. The illustrated instruction sheet explains the preparation and handling and there is even a ready-made set-up (with stage money) included so you can see exactly how everything works when you're ready to make your own personalized version.

          Paper to Money is absolutely ideal for close-up performances, stand-up/cabaret work, walkaround situations, trade shows, sales meetings, hospitality suite work, etc.

          A BARGAIN at only...


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Paper to Money

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