The Best Kept Secret in Magic
  • The Rose That Knows


        This is an extremely well-made electronic item that will "play" in virtually any type of act!  Great for adult shows, kidshows, and even as an emcee bit.  AND....with the special bonus routine included, it's also a feature CLOSE-UP routine!

        This is a lovely, long-stemmed red rose.  At your command, the rose will GLOW bright red!  And here's the cool do NOT even have to be touching it!  A spectator may be holding it, or it may be in a vase across the stage!  Imagine the possibilities! Perfect for use in conjunction with your red D'Lite-type lights, or with a red flash wand!

        In the close-up routine, a card is selected and mixed in with half a dozen additional random cards.  These cards are now placed face-down on the table.  The rose is passed over each card, one at a time.  All of a sudden, the rose eerily GLOWS over ONE card.  That one card is turned face-up and is seen to be the spectator's free selection! In a slightly different version of he effect, half a dozen spectator's EACH select a card, then the cards are mixed and placed face-down in a row on the table.  The first spectator is handed the rose and instructed to pass it over each card, one at a time.  He does this, and the rose lights over ONE card... he then turns this card up and it is his own selection!  This is now repeated with each spectator in turn, with each spectator finding his or her OWN card by magic!

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The Rose That Knows

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