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        Risen, by James Conti, is a new and exciting method for the classic Rising Card effect! This new version may be done with a borrowed deck of cards from a borrowed box.

        Borrow or use your own deck of cards. Ask your spectator to open the box, shuffle the deck and remove ANY card. Your spectator puts all the remaining cards back in the box and signs the selected card. The selected card is placed into the deck and you close the box. Now you take the box, put in some "magical energy", open the box and, slowly, one card rises from the center of the deck. It is the selected card, which you can immediately HAND OUT!

        This is a very clever idea from James Conti, proudly produced by Magic from Holland. Your audiences will be astonished!  (at the effect, that is...not the fact that it's produced by Magic from Holland...) 

          PLEASE NOTE - This is what has come to be known as an "arts and crafts" trick... you WILL have to do a little bit of "assembly". That said, it took longer for the explanation on the tutorial than to do the actual work. You need only a pair of scissors and the work took me less than one minute to do the first time.

        Suggested retail price is $18.95.  But you can buy one from me for only...


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