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  • Scotch and Soda - Morgan Dollar

         Scotch & Soda is very likely the most famous coin trick ever invented. Not just one, but many, many tricks are possible with this precision-machined coin set. The coins appear, disappear, changes places and even end up in a spectator's hand! Requires NO skill and can be learned in just five minutes! The coins do all the work for you.

        Effect 1: The magician shows an antique Morgan dollar and an English Victoria penny in the left hand. He closes both hands and when he opens the left only the Morgan dollar can be found because the English penny has appeared in the right hand (or a coin purse)! all may be examined.

        Effect #2: The magician shows an empty cup.  He drops an antique Morgan dollar and an English Victoria penny into the cup.  A snap of the fingers, and when the cup is lifted, the Victoria penny is seen sitting underneath the cup.  The cup is now tilted mouth down and the Morgan dollar falls from it...the Victoria penny has apparently penetrated the bottom of the cup!  all may be examined.

        Effect 3: The magician shows an antique Morgan dollar and an English Victoria penny and places them in the hand of a spectator. The magician then asks the spectator to put their hands behind their back and put one coin into each hand without looking. Then he asks the spectator to open the hand with the Victoria penny and amazingly, there is a US half dollar! But when the spectator opens the other hand, he finds the Morgan dollar! The English Victoria penny has vanished!!

        Effect 4: The magician shows two coins; an antique Morgan dollar and an English Victoria penny, and places them on a pad or tablecloth. He then waves his hand over them for but a second and uncovers them only to find one coin! When he lifts the pad/tablecloth, the English Victoria penny is revealed underneath!

        In this package you will find a finely-crafted gimmicked coin set (made from the same high quality Morgan dollar replicas as our other Morgan dollar sets) and a bang ring. You'll also receive written instructions for the traditional Scotch & Soda routine, plus a link to a video tutorial for two additional routines that are both winners!

        Brand new and unopened.  Suggested retail is $39.95.  Own it for only...


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Scotch and Soda - Morgan Dollar

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