The Best Kept Secret in Magic
  • Card Dice - Michael Baker

          Another work of "magical art" from Michael Baker's "The Magic Company". 

          Here's the effect in Michael's own words: Six cube dice are shown. They each have portions of playing cards on their faces. The dice are stacked so that they show a random display of those card parts. The stack can be shown on all sides. The faces are indeed scrambled with a variety of playing card parts depicted. The stack is covered with a handkerchief.

          Two playing cards are then selected from a deck and their faces kept unknown for the moment. Upon disclosing the stacked dice again, one side has transformed to match the first selected card. The stack is then covered again to accommodate the other selected card, and when revealed a second later, it shows a scrambled display of random card parts! This is an apparent failure on the part of the magician, but when the second selection is shown, the card itself actually matches the scrambled card display perfectly!  Magic with a comedy kicker!


          The card dice measure 1-1/8" each. The box is beautifully finished in rich colors with wonderful Chinoiserie images in the style of Okito. The box features brass hardware and is lined with black velvet.

          Comes complete and ready to perform with original instructions, cover cloth, carry/display box, and of course, the dice! (You supply a matching deck of Bicycle cards).

          I have just this ONE. When it sells, I do not know when or even IF I will ever have another. It is currently sold out on Michael's own site.

          Original retail price was $165.00.  Order it today for only...


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Card Dice - Michael Baker

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