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  • Eye to Eye
EYE to EYE by Charles Gauci. -- I just acquired a few more in the stock of a magic shop that closed. These are unopened and unused!

          The effect is simple: You hand a small ball to a spectator and ask him to place his hands behind his back and place the ball in either hand. The spectator then brings his two hands forward. You stare him in his eye and take out a hundred dollar bill and actually offer the money to him if you cannot correctly name which hand contains the ball. You correctly name it every time!

          This took the magic community by STORM upon its initial release. “Which Hand Is It In?” effects are all the rage now, but this is undoubtedly STILL the BEST. No electronics...nothing to go wrong.  This is not merely's diabolical!

          Watch Charles Gauci himself perform this show-stopping routine:

          Comes with the updated gimmicks (no chance of “jamming” like the first generation), Ball, Carry Bag, and Routine with in-depth Instructions!
          SPECIAL BONUS – For a limited time ONLY, I will include a special Morgan dollar replica that may be used with this routine (instead of the ball). You can refer to it as your “lucky coin”. NO ONE ELSE offers this!

         NOTE - This is in my "Used/Collectable" section.... I acquired this in a large lot from a closed magic store. I have these few only  When they sell I do not know when or if I will have more. If you're interested, please do not hesitate!

          Original retail was $39.95. Own it for only...


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Eye to Eye

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