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  • Ventriloquism as a Hobby - Book by Sydney Vereker
          Subtitled, "And How to Make it Pay"
          I have to confess that I've got a soft spot in my heart (which nicely complements the one in my head!) for this grand book on ventriloquism. This was "my first"... It was the only book on ventriloquism in my local library when I was a mere pup (mid-1960's). I checked it out, again and again, for years. Literally. Eventually, the kindly librarian tired of my regular visits to renew this one book. She took pity on me and "retired" the book, allowing me to keep it. Or maybe I just stole the thing... it's been so long now I really can't remember!
          At any rate... this 1938 book actually has a bit of mystery surrounding it. Who was Sydney Vereker? In the book, he claims to have worked for British vent "Lydia Dreams" (Walter Lambert). I've read the correspondence between Lambert's daughter and W.S. Berger, and I've read the correspondence between W.S. and Lambert's wife. Neither had ever heard of Vereker! I was fortunate to meet Lambert's grandson several years ago. I mentioned the mystery to him, but he knew nothing of it. On the other hand, he *did* know what happened to the prologue film for his grandfather's vaudeville sketch, "Lucky Nutty Jones".... but that's a story for another time.

          "Ventriloquism as a Hobby" is actually quite a decent book. Good instruction in vent, interesting chapter on figure manipulation, and some interesting commentary on contemporary vents, both British and American. The chapter on the Distant Voice is good, while the chapter on "Voice Throwing" is... interesting. Also includes several complete acts and dialogues for various scenarios.

          Copyright 1938; this is the second edition. Book measures 5-1/2" x 8-1/2" and is hardbound, with 107pp. Overall very fine condition, tight binding, etc. In addition, this one has its original dustjacket, which is almost ALWAYS missing!  It's about 98% complete, with only a couple of small chips missing from the front (visible in the photo) and some minor edge wear on the verso.

          A scarce title with info not found elsewhere AND its dustjacket!. Book will be supplied in an archival mylar bag with acid-free backboard.


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Ventriloquism as a Hobby - Book by Sydney Vereker

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Ventriloquism as a Hobby - Book by Sydney Vereker

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