The Best Kept Secret in Magic
  • Ben's Big Bet

    This is a fun routine that I used for many years in my walk-around and restaurant work and occasionally in my more formal close up shows. It never fails to get a great laugh and a strong round of applause!    

    The magician opens his wallet and shows that it contains a single $100 bill. This $100 bill is casually removed and shown then replaced in the wallet. The wallet is placed aside on the table as the magician explains that one spectator is going to get the opportunity to win that $100 bill! At this point, a deck of cards is introduced and shuffled. A spectator is asked to select a single card and does so. The magician now states that he will be able to find the selected card in less than a second, and should he NOT find the card in less than a second, the spectator will get to keep the $100 bill... and does anyone have a stopwatch?

    The spectator now selects a card, then the magician has the card replaced in the center of the pack. With a snap of the fingers the deck is spread face down on the table. There is a single card face up... but ...WHOOPS! It is NOT the spectators card! The magician appears crestfallen as he realizes he has lost his $100 bill. The wallet - still in full view on the table since the beginning of the routine - is once again opened. As the bill is removed, it becomes apparent that there is something underneath it ... it is a card! When the card is turned face up it is seen to be the spectator’s selection!

    This is super-simple to do - NO sleight of hand! - and will no doubt become one of your favorites! Comes with a special card, five movie prop $100 bills (hyper-realistic! - just don't try to spend them!) - and fully detailed instructions including the complete presentation.  NOTE - You must supply your own Himber-type or other type of switching wallet. (If you don't already have one, see the links below for suggestions).

    This is one of the biggest and best bargains on my entire's a LOT of entertainment and a LOT of fun for only...


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Ben's Big Bet

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