The Best Kept Secret in Magic
  • Triple Impact with Wallet - A Card Miracle!

         BACK IN STOCK!!!

          Here's one of the finest routines out there in the "Four Card Brainwave" genre!

          Remove a small black wallet from your pocket and explain to your spectators that it contains four cards and four cards only. The four cards are all Queens, and each a different suit: Clubs, Hearts, Spades and Diamonds. Ask your spectator to name his or her favorite Queen. They do so.  You now remove the face-down cards from the wallet and show that the wallet is now empty...there really are only the four cards. These four cards are now spread out with the backs showing. However, ONE of the four cards is seen to be face up, and, YES, it is the Queen with the suit specified by the spectator. Pretty good trick, eh?  Wait...there's MORE

         When the face-up Queen is turned over, it is also seen to have a different colored back than the other three cards! Still want more?  Well, it IS called TRIPLE Impact, isn't it?  For the final kicker, the three face-down cards are turned over and found to be all BLANK!

          This is a real stunner. whether you present it as mentalism, precognition, amazing coincidence as just as a straightforward magic trick, it'll fool them and amaze them every time.   

          Yes, you can repeat immediately with a DIFFERENT outcome. -- There truly is a FREE choice of the Queens (NO forcing - NO equivoque!) --  Cards are Bicycle backs.

          The special wallet included is worth the price of the trick all by itself.  I don't think it's a secret that it's a switch wallet, but WHAT a switch wallet!  I wish I could get them and offer them separately.  It's a black vinyl wallet that looks so innocent, but it is really a sophisticated tool that you'll LOVE. if you're familiar with the USD (Universal Switch Device), this wallet is made he same way. It's essentially a double-ended switch wallet.  the beautiful part is, when the four cards are removed and the interior of the wallet is shown empty, you can place it aside nonchalantly. Even if flipped over, there is NOTHING to see, due to the fact that cards placed into it go down far enough to be completely out of view.

          As I said earlier, the switch wallet itself is worth the price asked for this entire outfit.

          Includes all the necessary cards, the special switch wallet, and fully detailed instructions.  You'll be doing it in no time and fooling the bejeebers out of everyone.  For many who perform this, it's one of their "EDC" (every day carry) items!!

          Suggested retail is $24.95 (and worth every cent of it!).  My special price to YOU is only...


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Triple Impact with Wallet - A Card Miracle!

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