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  • The Japanese Purse

        This very special leather purse MAGICALLY expands the possibilities of virtually ALL of your coin magic! Even if you are new to coin magic, the Japanese Purse will make you a COIN Master!

        Here's just one simple presentation: The magician introduces a leather coin purse that has a transparent window on its front side. There is absolutely nothing visible inside the purse.  The magician now retrieves three coins from his pocket.  One of the coins vanishes from magician’s hand, and the vanished coin magically jumps into the purse.  The next coin also vanishes, and then appears in the purse. Finally the third coin magically jumps into the purse! Only basic sleight of hand is needed for this beautiful presentation... but you can perform MANY routines with the Japanese Purse that need NO sleight of hand whatsoever!

        Here are just a few of what are almost limitless ideas: A coin you retrieve from the purse completely vanishes! Or... A small coin transforms into a Jumbo Coin....VISIBLY!  Or...Coins appear.  Or...Coins vanish.  Believe me, you'll be coming up with original ideas all your own in NO time!

          Watch the video demo:

        Coins from any country may be used with the Japanese Purse.  The Japanese Purse is very well made of real leather. All handmade by artisans. You may use any size coin that fits into the purse, such as a Morgan Silver Dollar, U.S. Half Dollar, U.S. Quarter, Euro coins, English Penny, Japanese 500 yen, etc.

        This high quality leather purse comes complete with NINE pages of illustrated instructions (courtesy of Howie Schwarzman) featuring several OUTSTANDING routines, PLUS you also receive a link to an on-line tutorial!  NO ONE ELSE offers this very special purse with these extras. 

        Original retail was $79.95.  Own this one for only...


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The Japanese Purse

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