The Best Kept Secret in Magic
  • The Kings' Keisters


          One of my favorite packet tricks of all time...  Why?  Because it's got a GREAT kicker ending, AND it utilizes NO sleight of hand!  Yes, if you can hold the cards, you can DO the trick!

          The four Kings - Clubs, Diamonds, Spades, and Hearts - are shown face-up by spreading them between the hands then counting them individually. The four face-up cards are squared into a packet, then given a twist. When the cards are counted again, one of the cards - the Club - has magically turned face-down (a red Bicycle back is seen instead of the Club). The cards are counted a second time and the Club is back face-up, but now the Spade is face-down (again, a red Bicycle back is seen). The cards are counted yet again and the Spade has returned to the face-up position, but now the Diamond is face-down (with a red Bicycle back showing). The packet is counted a final time and the Diamond returns to its face-up position but the Heart is now face-down (with red Bicycle back showing). Next, the face-down Heart now magically turns face-up. The finale’ comes when you ask the spectators if they remember the back color of the Kings. They’ve seen a red Bicycle back each time a King turned face-down, so they naturally say, “Red!”. You now turn the packet over and count the cards down onto the table one by one... instead of seeing red Bicycle backs, the back of each King shows the King’s backside! It's a magical transformation as well as a huge laugh-getter!

          See my basic demo here:

          Includes the special screen-printed cards and complete, photo-illustrated instructions.

         The trick normally retails for $15.00.  While they last, I'm offering it for only...


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The Kings' Keisters

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