The Best Kept Secret in Magic
  • Bill Tube - Deluxe Streamlined Model


        An updated version of the time-honored classic, precision-machined from brass and at an incredible price!

        This is a slimmer, sleeker, streamlined model of the standard classic Bill Tube. This slim model eliminates the push on cap with hole and the locking pin and padlock. Instead, there is a screw on cap with an extra long thread. Due to the extra long thread, the cap takes time to remove, adding to the impact of the effect. You can perform any and all of the effects with this that you would with a padlock type Bill Tube, as the secret and working are exactly the same.

        This handsome prop, precision machined from brass, will last forever with even minimal care. Polish it occasionally, and handle it with care.

        In case you're not familiar with the Bill Tube, here is the basic effect, and working. A currency note is borrowed, and the owner asked to make a note of the number, and sign it, if he so desires. The note is folded and wrapped in a handkerchief, then given to the owner to hold. The performer now produces from his pocket a gleaming Brass Tube. The tube is handed over to another spectator, or placed prominently on display. The performer walks up to the spectator holding the hanky with the note wrapped inside, then whips away the hanky. The note has vanished! The spectator holding the tube is asked to open it. The spectator finds a note folded within the tube. He is asked to pull it out, and hand it over directly to the spectator who loaned you the note. He finds it is the same note and can confirm this by his signature, and the serial numbers. A careful examination of the Bill Tube will not reveal the ingenious working.

        The serious student of magic will check out Ken Brooke's work with the Bill Tube. It can be found in "Ken Brooke's Magic - The Unique Years" (two routines) And "Ken Brooke's Magic Place" by Anthony Brahams. It's well worth your time to look up these routines. Even if you don't present them as Ken Brooke did, his thinking on the use of the Bill tube is excellent and worth your effort to track them down!

        Supplied ready to use, with handkerchief as shown plus detailed instructions. The ease of working will delight you....this is a very clever mechanical prop!

Retail is $29.95. Own this one today for only.....


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Bill Tube - Deluxe Streamlined Model

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